About Block Real Estate Canberra


Who we are and what we do


Block Real Estate is a boutique agency based in Northern Canberra with a mission to assist all of our clients to reach their property goals. As an independent, family owned business, Block Real Estate takes pride in being a part of Canberra’s community and growing a socially responsible and sustainable business. Since commencing operations in 2017 the business has gone from strength to strength forming a number of partnerships with other real estate agencies in Canberra, encouraging the sharing of ideas and information to get the best outcomes for the customers.


The agency stands out from a lot of other Canberra agencies as it offers a full suite of customer service solutions, including property sales, property management as well as the buyers advocacy services. Block Real Estate’s founding directors aim to expand and grow the agency into a world class integrated real estate business model, ultimately aiming to offer a full suite of solutions including in-house conveyancing and mortgage broking services.


Block Real Estate directors are proud to be involved with local community in the Gungahlin region and believe that Canberra is one of the best places in the country to grow a business. Both of the directors have extensive experience and links to the Public Service and Defence sectors of the ACT’s economy.


At Block Real Estate we understand that buying or selling a property can be an extremely stressful experience and one of the biggest financial transactions in client’s life. Our team’s sole purpose is to provide clients with a world-class customer service experience while achieving results that are beyond expectations. Our team of exceptional sales agents and property managers are at the forefront of developments in technology, social media and marketing trends and understand how to utilise them to achieve premium results for the client. 


Block Real Estate is unique among real estate agencies in utilising a proprietary analysis and decision support process to understand the local real estate environment. Block Real Estate offers evidence-based solutions to maximise results regardless of market conditions or sentiment. Based on strategic planning and intelligence analysis systems its methodology can not be matched or replicated by other real estate agencies, regardless of their size or resources. The agency is focussed on people, building relationships and producing exceptional results. Block Real Estate directors are immensely proud of the service that the agency provides to clients and grateful for the opportunity to assist them to reach their property goals.

Our Philosophy

Our vision, mission and core values


The directors of Block Real Estate have both had long and successful careers serving our nation and the public. This has profoundly influenced the foundations of the business and has provided great clarity on how the agency will operate in the initial, growth and consolidation phases of its lifecycle. People, both internal and external to the agency, are at the core of the real estate business. Block Real Estate directors undertake to treat the employees, suppliers and clients with integrity, respect and understanding at all times. If we take care of the people the people will take care of our business.




Block Real Estate's vision is to become the leading real estate network in the ACT, providing a one-stop solution to anyone requiring real estate services, including property sales, property management, buyers agency, conveyancing and finance.




Our mission to provide world class real estate solutions to Canberra residents at industry-leading value and service standards.


Core Values


INTEGRITY. Without integrity we have nothing. We will always do business in a transparent way and do things the 'right' way even if it takes longer or means less financial reward in the short term.


EXCELLENCE. We will provide excellence in service both through our communication with clients but also through achieving and sustaining unconscious competence and professional mastery in all aspects of real estate business.


INNOVATION. We will constantly seek out better, more efficient and more innovative ways of doing things within the business. If we can improve by 1% every day it means that we will be become nearly 4 times better at what we do every year.


RESPECT. We undertake to treat all our staff, suppliers, clients and members of public with respect. Regardless of their personal or financial circumstances every person we deal with deserves to be treated like a million dollar customer.