Experience the Best Property Management Service in Canberra


At Block Real Estate we believe that the property rental process provides in invaluable service to the community by providing a range of accommodation options for people in all situations, as well as allowing the homeowners to build equity and security for the later stages of their lives. We strongly believe that this should be a ‘win win’ situation based on trust, respect and open communication. As property managers we see our role as bridging the gap between the landlords and tenants and utilising the industry’s best practices and cutting edge technology to assist all of the parties in the rental transaction.

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So what sets us apart from other property management agencies in Canberra?


We are the owners. We live locally and are a part of the local community. Our business reputation is of exceptional importance to us and we do go the extra mile to provide the unparalleled service experience to our customers and tenants.


Online portal. We use PropertyMe.com.au portal to manage our properties. It is a secure, world-class, cloud-based property management system that provides complete transparency to the tenants and accountability to the home owners. Upon signing up with us to manage your property you will be issued a logon which will allow you to track all rental income coming in and any expenditure coming out. You will also be able to review your property's financial statements, photos and any maintenance requirements.


Stability. In many larger franchise agencies property management is a function that generally takes a back seat to sales and is often seen and treated as a relatively low-paid stopgap job. It is not unusual for a landlord to deal with 3-5 different property managers in a period of a couple of years. At Block Real Estate you will deal with the same person throughout the management agreement period.


Limited portfolio size. We limit our portfolio to ensure that the quality of our customer service experience does not get diluted. This means that we can spend more time providing world-class service to our landlords and extra care and attention to our tenants.


Robust systems. We have adapted the best systems that all of the large franchise agencies use, but have cut out unnecessary red tape and inefficiency. Automated customer relationship management (CRM) systems, cloud-based property portfolio management and large number of automated checks and balances mean that our procedures are in line with, and in many cases better, than what the big-name companies utilize.


Regular rent reviews. We conduct rent reviews on all lease renewals to ensure that rent paid for the property reflects current market conditions, ensuring a fair deal both for the tenants and the landlords. This is often missed in agencies with larger management portfolios that suffer from high staff turnover. Missed rent reviews can result in thousands of dollars of lost rental income for the homeowners.


Trade panel. Being a boutique agency we have our own trade panel of service providers that we regularly use. We have access to some of Canberra’s best plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, roofers, locksmiths, glaziers and other tradespersons. However, our landlords are also welcome to use their own trades should they choose to do so.


Best value.  While we may not be the cheapest we do provide the best value property management services to our clients. Our fees are highly competitive while the quality of our service cannot be matched.  Most of our new business is generated through referrals - our current clients are our biggest advocates.