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At Block Real Estate, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to selling your home.

We work with an AIPP winning photographer, REIACT Auctioneer of the Year and highly talented graphic designers and videographers to take your property from Sale to Sold in record time.

Our team of property experts have been around the block for many years, which is why we want you to profit from our experience and expertise as your property specialists. We are a locally-run, family owned business with a strong reputation for empathy, care and real results.

At Block Real Estate, we keep you informed at every step of the sale journey; however, it’s what we do behind the scenes that you don’t see that sets us apart. We strive for excellent results from sale to sold and beyond, while keeping the process simple, easy and stress-free.

We would love to discuss your options and to show you how we can achieve the best results for your property.

You’re in excellent hands with Block Real Estate.


At Block Real Estate, we understand that over and under-pricing property can have negative effect on your final sale result, which is why we put in immense effort to accurately appraise your property from the very beginning.


Preparing your home for sale can make a dramatic difference to the final result. We provide support and hands-on guidance about what is needed to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.


Our innovative and bespoke marketing campaigns are created to maximise your property’s exposure and increase buyer competition. This includes digital and traditional media such as online portals, social media channels, custom videos, print and more.


At Block Real Estate, we work around the clock to ensure we get you the optimal price through effective negotiation. At settlement, we work closely with solicitors and finance providers to ensure that the whole process it efficient, easy and stress free for you as the seller.

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    • Toggle Toggle How long does it take to get a property ready for sale?

      A property can be prepared to go to market in as little as two weeks providing it is well-presented and requires no repairs or renovations. It normally takes around two weeks for the solicitor to prepare a valid Contract of Sale and for the agent to organise all of the marketing materials including professional photography and videography.

    • Toggle Toggle How long will it take to sell my property?

      Depending on the property, market demand and location a property can sell in as quickly as one day or take several months to find the right buyer. Our experienced sales team will be able to show you the days-on-market statistics for your particular area, and the right marketing strategy to ensure that your property sells in the minimum amount of time.

    • Toggle Toggle What are the costs involved in selling a house?

      Some of the common costs involved in selling a property include legal fees, building inspection, marketing schedule, styling and agent’s commission fees. Most of the time legal fees, building inspection and agent’s fees are paid on settlement (once your property sells). Our sales team would be more than happy to provide you with an exact break down of costs for your particular property.

    • Toggle Toggle Is it worth investing in property styling?

      At Block Real Estate we are firm believers in presenting your property in the best possible light in order to achieve a premium sales result. We can coordinate the professional styling of your home from start to finish. Alternatively we can also provide you with advice on how you can achieve great results by doing it yourself.

    • Toggle Toggle What marketing strategy will you use?

      Art Block Real Estate we use a combination of digital and print marketing tools to achieve maximum exposure for your property. This includes professional photography and videography, listing your property on all major web portals, social media advertising, print media exposure, professional 3D floor plans and extra large signboards. We will advise you on the best marketing mix to use for your particular property.

    • Toggle Toggle What is the best time of the year to sell a property in Canberra?

      Selling at different times of the year can have its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, spring is the traditional selling season in Canberra that sees significant buyer activity. However, having many similar properties on the market at the same time can mean additional competitive pressure on the sellers. Conversely, colder months of the year see less buyer activity but also reduced competition between sellers due to fewer properties on the market. We would be more that happy to advise you on the best strategy for your particular property.

    • Toggle Toggle What is the difference between a private treaty and an auction sale?

      During for sale by auction campaign the reserve (selling) price is not disclosed and the buyers must register and bid for the property on the auction day. Private treaty sales involve advertising a property at a certain price and negotiating with individual buyers. Both of these methods work well but they need to be employed strategically depending on the market conditions, property type and the seller’s requirements. Our experienced sales advisors will be able to assist you with the most appropriate method of sale for your property.

    • Toggle Toggle Can I sell my investment property while it is tenanted?

      Yes, a property can be sold while it is tenanted. If it’s sold while a fixed tenancy agreement is in place the buyer must take tenanted possession and take over landlord responsibilities for the duration of agreement.


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